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Our analog product line

Tunnel DAB Rebroadcasting System (TDRS)

with Audio break-in for emergency messages

Swoxtelecom extends its SWISSDAB productline with TDRS (Tunnel Dab Rebroadcasting System), designed and manufactured in Switzerland, to retransmit DAB and DAB+ broadcasts within tunnels and break-in feature for emergency messages.


One "Ensemble Management" unit may serve up to 4 RF units allowing the simultaneous handling of 4 ensembles.

This exclusive system fits the specific requirements set forth in the document 13006 V40.00, 2014 of the "Swiss Federal Office for Roads" (ASTRA) and complies withall the requirements. Thanks its open architecture it may easily be adapted to other local standards.


* The TDRS system controls 1-4 DAB layer as well in normal operation as in audio-break-in mode for priority police announcements.
* TheTDRS with its digital AGC HF filters, amplifies and equalizes 1-4 external layers
* The TDRS is equipped with remote and locally reprogrammable HF filter and AGC amplifier that control the selectivity of the digital layers..
* The digital filters of TDRS ensure the very large selectivity of 45 dB between adjacent channels.
* The TDRS controls permanently the incoming & outgoing DAB layers, the tunnel inputs A and B as well as the message sub-channels.
* The TDRS sends an alarm e-mail or SNMP via GPRS when an incoming or outgoing layer, tunnel input or message sub-channel is empty.
* Remote connection to TDRS via GPRS over IP weebgui allows to watch and modify settings.
* Contractual remote monitoring of data and audio of all the layers
* The alarm status is managed through separate "cold" switches for tunnel A and B.
* 24h/24h state-monitoring by the Swoxtelecom monitoring center.
* Great reliability and MTBF are achieved with the no fan design and a central unique very high-end power-supply.
* A passive mixer close to the RX antenna allows to connect the outside antenna to the control-center using a sole RG 11 coaxial cable.
* If required by the azimuth of the DAB TX antennas, a second RX antenna may be fitted.
* Option to hold the system ON AIR with a 48 VDC battery in the event of 230 VAC power failure
* Independant monitored back-up power-supply

Designed and manufacured in Fontainemelon/Switzerland by Swoxtelecom


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