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Our analog product line


Monitoring Receiver DAB / FM / DAB+

Swissdab is pleased to offer the best monitoring receiver in terms of performance-quality-price performance-for your DAB+ and/or FM transmitter

    • controls your TX FM and DAB/DAB+
    • 4 independant alarm levels customized to your options for each watched TX
    • FM monitorng: RF level, audio L and R, RDS parameters
    • DAB+ monitoring: SNR,CNR,bitrate,FIB errors, L and R sound
    • RF scan of VHF II et III bands ( FM and DAB)
    • Large RF 15-100 dBuV dynamique
    • Alarmlog over several days
    • Signals alarms by mail and/or SNMP
    • Integrated WEB Gui (management through SNMP)

1 U 19", 230 VAC 10W, 48 VDC option

Outstanding price/performance ratio

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Analog Mixer

  Audio / MPX transmission through copper wire
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Our digital product line

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