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DAB/DAB+/DMB Repeater


Some buildings, short tunnels (No Audio Break-in required), underground garages, parkings, etc... mask the receipt of digital signals. The DAB/DAB+/DMB repeater captures thus signals at the outside and rebroadcast them in closed spaces.

The cheap but extremely performant device perfectly reinforces reception of DAB/DAB+ in closed spaces. Its operating principle is very simple and every antenna installer will easily master its starting up.

  A  VHFIII band receive-antenna is installed outside to capture the signal  at 50 dBuV minimum for every DAB /DAB+/ DMB ensemble. That antenna will be connected to our Swissdab DAB/DAB+/DMB Repeater  through a 75 ohm coaxial cable

  The input-level of Swissdab Repeater will be adjusted wih the attenuator until the red « alarme level max output »LED lamp switches off. (standard ERP max ofcom NT 3003) .

  1 or 2 TX dipole antenna(s) will be installed for example over a floating ceiling and connected through a coacial cable to the 2 output connectors of the Swisssab Repeater

A model with 4 output connectors is available to connect 4  TX antennas

Warranty : 5 years

24 VDC  2A power supply included, fixation on Din rail

On request we may supply the requires RX and TX antennas.

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