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Our analog product line

DAB and DAB+

We are in position to offer and install dedicated solutions for your DAB and DAB+ broadcast requirements, including the streaming through our digital communication links approved by OFCOM/BAKOM, the assembly of the palette using Multiplexers with G703 outputs and, off course, the orthogonal DAB modulators in ISO frequency version

A wide range of power amplifiers SWISSDAB going from 5 watts to 2 Kw allows to precisely customize to your requirements.

The DAB and DAB+ product line is extensive and we will be happy to answer your request and customize our proposal to your expectations in terms of equipment, installation and maintenance.

Multiplexer DAB / DAB+

Modulator - Exciter DAB / DAB+


  FM Transmitters
  FM Receivers / Tuner
  TV Transmitters
  Analog Audio Links
  GSM Reporting

Analog Mixer

  Audio / MPX transmission through copper wire
  VHF-UHF Splitter "Diversity"

Our digital product line

  Coders / Codec MPX - G703/E1
  Splitter E1 HDB3 / G703-G704
  Digital Links SAGEM
  Video Encoders MPEG 2-4
  DAB / DAB+
  Repeater DAB+ indoor
  Monitoring Receiver Dab, DAB+ and FM
  Tunnel DAB+ and equipment
  Digital Broadcast Links
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