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Our analog product line


We are happy to offer the prestigious range of Sagem transmitter DVB-T et DVB-H that we distribute in Switzerland. Their wide international acceptance is due to the extremely high reliability and a 2 year warranty. They are available in single version or N+1 for the highest requirements.

A wide choice of power offerings is available, ranging from 5W to 2000W using mosfet technology UHF-VHF, compliant with DVB-H.

Mode SFN technologie ou MFN, input standard ASI. Management à distance via le logiciel « management IONOS »

On request we offer complete solutions with MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoders (refer to encoder section), transportation with Sagem digital link.

Very competitive quality-price-performance ratio.

Short form documentation may be downloaded with below links. Extensive documentation on request.

On request we overtake on-site installation and maintenance.

We offer a wide choice of TX VHF-UHF antennas that fit precisely your sending licence !

TV TNT - DVB T shortform

TV TNT - DVB T / H solutions

TV TNT - DVB T / H technical decriptif

Management software IONOS - shortform

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Analog Mixer

  Audio / MPX transmission through copper wire
  VHF-UHF Splitter "Diversity"

Our digital product line

  Coders / Codec MPX - G703/E1
  Splitter E1 HDB3 / G703-G704
  Digital Links SAGEM
  Video Encoders MPEG 2-4
  DAB / DAB+
  Repeater DAB+ indoor
  Monitoring Receiver Dab, DAB+ and FM
  Tunnel DAB+ and equipment
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