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Digital link SAGEM 1

We are happy to offer the prestigious range of Sagem digital communication links that we distribute in Switzerland. Their international leadership is based on the 3GHz to 38 GHz full duplex performance supported by an extremely high reliability and a 2 year warranty. They are available in single version or N+1 for the highest requirements.

The range of digital links from Sagem separates in two large categories :

- The « SLF » line with performances up to 68 Mb/s perfectly fit the requirements of FM broadcast radio stations, DAB providers, private Ethernet networks, etc.

- The high performance « SLA » line for aggregate data rates from 2 Mb/s up to N x STM1 (50 - 400 Mb/s)

Up to 9 independant channels G703/E1 as well as the Ethernet BASE LAN 10/100 on RJ 45 up to 68 Mb/s are standard in the « SLF » products, depending on the allocation of E1 and LAN Ethernet/IP channels.

One full duplex RS232 channel rated 115'000 B/s is also included and will be used to control possible devices installed on the remote site.

Input-output relays allow for remote control with the Sagem link pilot software or the Sagem IONOS management software which provides remote interactive handling of alarms that may occur on the site.

The optional « management IONOS » monitoring software allows to set-up and control up to 50 remote Sagem links in the standard version (up to 2500 in the full version) and to allocate individual access rights from the « simple watching » station with no set-up rights to the remote « Master » station concentrating all monitoring and controls.



The « monitoring and management » operate through a network channel entirely independant from the main Ethernet channel

The choice of SLF links offers an outstanding flexibility to precisely match individual requirements at the most competitive price-performance-quality ratio in the market.

We master 100% of the unique applied technology and are in position to answer all the questions related to your next private digital network.

Beside the shortforms that you may download with below links, we will supply an extensive documentation in english or french on your request

.-Our own encoder CODEC SWISSDAB 2M/Bts G703 -E1 perfectly fits the E1 capabilities of this digital link and enables you to transport your MPX-RDS/DARC audio signal to your FM emitters at the same quality and precision as at your audio processing output which will remain available to your studios.

As official distributor of SAGEM for Switzerland, we may overtake on-site installation and maintenance on request and we hold a permanent inventory of digital IDU/ODU links of the SLF line.

In addition we offer a large choice of «Andrew » parabolic antennas to accomodate every type of licence from 30cm to 180cm and approved by the OFCOM/BAKOM administration.


Digital link SAGEM

Management software IONOS shortform

IDU Link F SAGEM up to 68 Mb/s 16 E 1 G703/Ethernet base 10/100 / IP

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