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Our splitter HDB/3 SWISSDAB has been conceived to offer a professional solution when an E1 HDB3/G703-G704 output needs to be distributed to multiple G703 - G704 input devices.

One implementation may use an E1/HDB3 output from one of our digital SAGEM links that must be simultaneously connected to one or more other link heads and connected to our SWISSDAB decoder.

Our E1/HDB3 splitter offers 4 independant groups A/B/C/D where every group has its own E1/HDB3 input and provides 3 E1/HDB3 outputs. All input and output use SMB-S 75 Ohm coaxial connectors, and are galvanic insulated by transformer and are independant.

It may be used for a wide range ofconfigurations, going from 3 independant E1 HDB3/G703-G704 signals available each on 3 E1 HDB3/G703-G704 outputs until 1signal E1 HDB3/G703-G704 available on 9 outputs.

It is designed for direct connection to our SWISSDAB power-unit on our SAGEM digital links with 4 50V DC uninterruptable accu-backed plugs, or on any other DC power source delivering 30 to 68 V

Splitter E1 HDB3 / G703-G704 SWISSDAB

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- Input connector G703 SMB-S 75Ohms - Casing size 1U 19"
- Output connector G703 SMB-S 75Ohms - Telecom power supply 30 - 68 VDC
- Digital input format HDB3/E1 75Ohms - Power consumption 10 VA
- Digital output format HDB3/E1 75Ohms - Weight 3,5KG
- Digital input - output data rate 2Mbit/s    


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