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Splitter "Diversity" VHF-UHF


Our splitter device "Diversity" VHF-UHF allows you to supply 8 wireless VHF-UHF MIC Diversity A-B like receivers with broadband RF signals on their 2 active receiving antennas (A and B) with a final gain of 5dB

The impressive linearity of our pre-amplifier provides ultra-low noise and advances this RF dispatcher to the reference in the marketplace.

No external power supply is required because the unit is phantom powered (28 mA) by the wireless MIC receiver towards the 2 active antennas.

Splitter "Diversity" VHF-UHF

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- Bandwidth 87MHz-950Mhz - RF Output connector BNC
- Input Impedance BNC 50 Ohms - Number of Diversity inputs 2
- Min Input level 5dBuV - Number of outputs 2x 8
- Max Input level RF 100dBuV - Operatingt temperature -10 à +40°C
- Input-Output Gain by Output 5dB - Power voltage 12VDC ±20%
- Max Output level +120dBuV - Power consumption 5VA
- Output Impedance 50 Ohms - Casing 1U 19"
- RF Input connector BNC - Weight 2 KG



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